Tara Krishnaswamy - Co-founder of Political Shakti
Tara Krishnaswamy grew up in a feminist household with a strong sense of fairness and belief in the need for financial independence for women. She recognized the many privileges of her upbringing and pursued a fulfilling career in technology, while running campaigns around civic activism and co-founding Citizens for Bangalore. Five years ago, she decided to change the status quo by quitting her corporate career to found Political Shakti, a non-partisan group to improve the representation of women in politics. Political Shakti was created with the goal of getting more women into state assemblies and the parliament, because representation matters. In this wide ranging conversation with Elsa Marie, Tara speaks about her formative experiences, breaking with social convention, and the importance of creating a more inclusive political environment to inspire ground-up change. Tune into this episode exclusively on aawaz.com
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