Swara Patel - Co-founder Rhythmus Happyfeet
Like many others Swara Patel struggled silently with the pressures of academic performance during her childhood, with an undiagnosed learning disability. Unexpectedly she found joy of expression, confidence and grounding through dance and movement. Only after motherhood did she begin her journey as a Dance Educator and Entrepreneur pioneering the use of kinesthetics in teaching. Tune into her inspiring story and hear about how her flagship academy supports children by providing them with an active learning environment and integrates dance and mindful movement into the classroom. In 12 years, her academy has touched more than 12000 students, across 5 centres and 45 schools. and Swara Patel hopes to inspire other mothers like her to follow their dreams and be the change they want to see. Tune into her story on this episode of BeliEVE, exclusively on aawaz.com.
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