Cheryl Pereria - Co-founder of Cheryl's cosmeceuticals
Cheryl's ‘cosmeceutical’ company became India’s first ever home grown brand to be acquired by global giant L'oreal. Cheryl’s was created and co-founded in 1986 by Cheryl Pereira. The brand’s entrepreneurial journey started from a 500 sq ft factory, and Cheryl with her passion and dedication led it to being a successful, globally respected brand. While her father wanted a son and was disappointed at her birth, Cheryl used every such obstacle to fuel her further along an uncharted path to quit her job, take out loans and set up her cosmetics business, formulating products from scratch with formulations created especially to suit Indian skin. Join host Elsa Marie in this thrilling story of one of India’s first self-made entrepreneurs and the trailblazing journey of Cheryl Periera.
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